Uncovering the Underrated MLB Star of 2024

Uncovering the Underrated MLB Star of 2024

Uncovering the Underrated MLB Star of 2024!

Every MLB season unfolds with its share of surprises, revealing hidden gems and underappreciated talents who take the league by storm. In the vein of previous years, where players like Contreras have stepped out of the shadows to cement their places among the stars, 2024 promises its revelation…

This year, we turn our spotlight towards a player whose dedication, skill, and potential have flown under the radar but are poised to impact the MLB scene significantly.

This piece seeks to uncover that underrated star, exploring their journey, the skills they bring to the field, and why they could be this year’s breakout player, stepping boldly into the limelight.

LHP Tarik Skubal, Detroit Tigers

At 27, Tarik Skubal is entering his prime, bringing an impressive track record into the 2024 MLB season. In 2023, Skubal’s statistics showcased his capability and dominance on the mound: a commendable 7-3 record with an ERA of 2.80 across 80.1 innings pitched, alongside a sterling 2.00 FIP and 102 strikeouts, culminating in a 3.3 WAR.

Over his last 36 starts, Skubal has maintained a Cy Young-caliber performance, demonstrating a consistent 3.23 ERA, a 2.57 FIP, and an impressive 6.2 WAR. However, this elite output was spread over two seasons, with 21 starts in 2022 and 15 in 2023, raising questions about his ability to sustain this high level of play over a full season.

The upcoming season holds much anticipation as we look for signs that Skubal can maintain his elite production consistently. Early indications are promising, especially with Skubal’s fastball velocity increase, averaging 95.8 mph in 2023 and reportedly hitting 100 mph during a spring training session.

This suggests Skubal may indeed be on track to becoming one of the standout pitchers in the MLB, potentially shifting the MLB odds in his favor.