49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan Weighs In on Colin Kaepernick

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan Weighs In on Colin Kaepernick

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan has nothing good to say about former player Colin Kaepernick. Shanahan weighs in on Kaepernick.

Read on and find out why Kyle Shanahan is saying that Colin Kaepernick is unfit for the NFL…

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan Weighs In on Colin Kaepernick49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan Weighs In on Colin Kaepernick

CelebNSports247.com has just gotten word that Shanahan spoke about the upcoming draft and how it is more important to consider a team’s scheme when looking for the right quarterback.

Which leads us to why he feels that Colin Kaepernick is an unfit QB and the reason he hasn’t been picked up by another team has NOTHING to do with his controversial political stances.

Here is what Kyle Shanahan had to say per Grant Cohn of the Press Democrat:

“If you bring in a quarterback who is the best when he’s a dual-threat and can do all those type of things, that affects an entire offense. That doesn’t just affect one guy. That’s a huge commitment to your entire team. So, when you bring in someone like that when you’re going to have to tinker the offense to fit one player, you’ve got to know you’re tinkering every single person on that offense too.”

Why Kaep is unfit for the 49ers and NFL teams:

“When all your quarterbacks have different ways to be successful, which I’ve been in situations like that and you try to prepare them best, it does take a toll on your offense. What are you trying to get good at? You can’t practice everything. You can’t be great at everything. You’ve kind of got to commit to something and do it over and over and over again and once the type of running game or drop-back game, you’re going to commit to one quarterback is completely different than the other, then that does affect your team.

He concludes:

“That’s why I think it can be harder when those type of guys are going through competitions and stuff and like that because even though you’re trying to find the best guy, by trying to be fair to those quarterbacks you’re also being unfair to a team. You don’t really know what direction you’re going.”

Despite Kaepernick’s former teammates feeling that he is being blackballed by all NFL teams. Shanahan believes that Kaep’s skill set and only teams looking for that will hire him.


It Sounds like a lot of BS and another way to blackball him right before the draft. Why is San Francisco hating on Kaepernick? Let him play somewhere else.

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