49ers Nick Bosa Fake Flag Plant After He SACKS Baker Mayfield

49ers Nick Bosa Fake Flag Plant After He SACKS Baker Mayfield

Is it us or are the athletes acting petty and childish this season? On Monday Night Football, Nick Bosa got some revenge on Baker Mayfield!

Apparently Baker Mayfield‘s stunt back when he planted an Oklahoma flag at midfield of Ohio Stadium it remained etched in Nick Bosa‘s mind. It seems that Bosa swore to get revenge on Mayfield when the op was given. Read on to watch Nick Bosa Fake Flag Plant…

CelebNSports247.com reports that San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa finally got the long-awaited chance to payback Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield on Monday night.

Yup, Nick Bosa got some sweet revenge when it comes to what Baker Mayfield back in the day, on Sept. 9, 2017.

While the Niners prepared to play the Browns, Bosa planned a sack celebration in which he would mimic Mayfield’s celebration if he got the chance.

ESPN reports:

It was the night Mayfield planted an Oklahoma flag at midfield of Ohio Stadium. The thought of it has remained etched in Bosa’s mind since. Which is why, as sure enough, Bosa dropped Mayfield to force an intentional grounding with 10 seconds left in the first half of San Francisco’s 31-3 win at Levi’s Stadium. Bosa jumped up, ran a few yards down the sideline nearest the 49ers bench and began waving and then planting an imaginary flag in a way that closely resembled what Mayfield did two years ago.

As for Bosa, he had this to say about the Ohio State product:

I think everybody knows what that was for…I just wanted to get payback. He had it coming.

See, Bosa’s celebration was something he concocted over the 49ers’ Week 4 bye in conjunction with Sam Hubbard, another former Buckeye and current Cincinnati Bengals defensive end.

Nick Bosa said he mentioned the possibility of the celebration to Hubbard, who told him that he too had planned to do it if he was able to sack Mayfield this season. Bosa even went so far as to practice the celebration a little bit in his room over the bye so as to do it as accurately as possible.

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