50 Cent RIPS Conor McGregor for Allegedly Cheating

50 Cent RIPS Conor McGregor for Allegedly Cheating

50 Cent caught taking jabs at Conor McGregor. The G Unit head honcho and the UFC champs beef is heating up.

Read on and see what 50 Cent just said about Conor McGregor

50 Cent RIPS Conor McGregor for Allegedly CheatingCelebNSports247.com has the latest on the rivals who have been trading shots ever since Conor declared, “50 Cent’s a bitch” last year.

Conor McGregor was pissed with 50 Cent since he sided with his longtime friend Floyd Mayweather during the pre-fight days.

Fiddy got real personal with McGregor saying he could take Conor in a street fight … and mocked him for getting choked out by Nate Diaz. .

Now, a year later, the beef is apparently still brewing since Conor went after 50 on social media … saying:

“[50 Cent] blocked me on [Instagram]. The mad 50 year old instagram blocker. Ahh don’t block me 50 kid, I still like some of your songs. The older ones hahah.”

50 Cent couldn’t restrain from taking shots at the op:

On Tuesday morning 50 Cent went in on Conor’s relationship with Rita Ora and suggesting Conor cheated with her behind his girlfriend Dee Devlin’s back.


Then, 50 did the unexpected. He did a post/delete of the video.

Late last night, Fiddy replaced his video with this one stating:

“Listen l never asked you to follow me. If you don’t like what l post unfollow me,please get the fuck outta here. Lol”

WTH? Too much or too REAL?