50 Cent Trolls Floyd Mayweather Illiteracy Trouble

50 Cent Trolls Floyd Mayweather Illiteracy Trouble

When it comes to boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, who just destroyed Japan kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa, who cried. Meanwhile, 50 Cent can’t help but poke fun at his on and off frienemy.

Read on to see what 50 Cent just posted about Floyd Mayweather again…

CelebNSports247.com reports that 50 Cent is bringing back the video of Floyd Mayweather struggling to read his script.

First, 50 Cent praised MSNBC for beating out Fox saying, “MSNBC give @arimelber need a raise he’s why we are watching now. ????? I’m gonna send him some champagne.”

The host of their programming is in tune with hip-hop culture, regularly quoting rap lyrics to prove his point on his show. In the past, he’s brought up songs by Young Thug, MF Doom, and Migos.

However, in typical 50 Cent tradition, Curtis Jackson just had to go there and poke fun Floyd Mayweather illiteracy trouble.

In a post seen above, 50 Cent said:

Champ MSNBC is Beating Fox ratings for the first time in 17 years ?!

Apparently, Fiddy is messing with his style of journalism and he brought back a viral audio clip of his rival, Floyd Mayweather, to show just how excited he is about the rating tank from Fox.

Poor Floyd can NEVER catch a break from 50.

This is NOT the first time 50 Cent has gone at Floyd, who calls Curtis his biggest fan. #Ouch