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Robert Griffin III Hoping for Comeback with Houston Texans

While the NFL is focused around why teams are purposely avoiding Colin Kaepernick for more lackluster QB talent. There is one QB, Robert Griffin III who wants his comeback in Houston! Did the NFL forget that Robert Griffin III? Well, RG3 is a former second overall draft pick hoping to continue his career in Houston. […]

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Changers PLAYED Robert Griffin III To Land Cardale Jones

This week, Robert Griffin III had a great workout with the Los Angeles Chargers, but he didn’t know they used him as leverage! Get the tea how the LA Chargers tricked Robert Griffin III into thinking he was heading to Los Angeles. Instead, he was played the fool, because the Chargers wanted Cardale Jones. Read […]

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Robert Griffin III Ex-Wife WANTS Money

Robert Griffin III may technically by divorced, but his ex-wife “Rebecca Liddicoat filed court docs complaining” that she wants money! Read on and get the tea spilling on Robert Griffin III and his ex-wife…

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