Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez ACQUITTED For Double Murder

Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez ACQUITTED For Double Murder

On Friday Aaron Hernandez ACQUITTED for double slaying of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado? How in the heck did Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez get off?

Get all the details about Aaron Hernandez ACQUITTED for the double murder of two men…

Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez ACQUITTED For Double Murder

CelebNSports247.com has just learned that Aaron Hernandez, who is already serving a life sentence for 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd has just been got off for the killings of two other men in 2012.

The former tight end for the New England Patriots wept quietly as the verdicts found Aaron Hernandez not guilty of first-degree murder in the killings of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado. Prosecutors said the two men lost their lives over an alleged spilled drink on the former NFL player who felt they ‘TRIED’ him [disrespected him]. Hernandez allegedly murdered the two men to teach them a lesson after the left a Boston nightclub.

Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez ACQUITTED For Double Murder

Family members of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado were angry,in tears and sobbed loudly over the reading of the verdict.

The jury only convicted Hernandez of a single charge: unlawful possession of gun. The judge sentenced him to an additional four to five years in prison, separate from his existing life sentence, for that conviction.

Basically, Aaron Hernandez is sentenced to life plus 4 years? Huh?

Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez ACQUITTED For Double Murder

Aaron Hernandez ACQUITTED, How did this Happen?

The defense team pointed the finger at Alexander Bradley, a close friend of Hernandez who was with him the night of the shootings. Hernandez was also acquitted Friday of shooting Bradley in the face months later to try to silence him as a witness.


Let’s remind you Bradley also said Hernandez shot him in the face months later after he made a remark about the earlier shootings. Apparently, Hernandez was said to have been worried Bradley would go to the cops or talk to much. In the end Alexander ended up losing his right eye in the shooting.

The defence threw a wrench in the prosecution by pointing the finger at Bradley, an admitted drug dealer. They made it out that it was Bradley who shot the men over a drug deal gone wrong. Currently, Bradley is serving a five-year prison term in Connecticut for firing shots at a Hartford nightclub in 2014.

Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez ACQUITTED For Double Murder

Aaron Hernandez History!

Hernandez, 27, grew up in Bristol, Connecticut, and played for the Patriots from 2010 to 2012. Hernandez signed a five-year, $40 million contract with the Patriots. He ended up throwing his NFL career away for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Once he was arrested for the murder of Lloyd, the Patriots dropped him and the contract was dissolved. Prior to Lloyd’s murder, Hernandez was also tied to the killings of de Abreu and Furtado, until today. A jury acquitted Hernandez of the murders of de Abreu and Furtado and the attempted murder of Alexander Bradley.

Obviously Aaron Hernandez has great attorneys because he just got off for his crimes thanks to a stupid jury. It sounds like they deliberated for 7 days to turn all jury members for Hernandez. We think this is a crime in itself. Hernandez should have NOT gotten off! We are disappointed, but Hernandez is serving life without parole, so in the end it doesn’t matter.