Aaron Hernandez Double-Murder Trial Jury: Raise Question No Verdict

Aaron Hernandez Double-Murder Trial Jury: Raise Question No Verdict


Now that the double-murder trial of ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez has finished, the jury is now in deliberations. So far, the jury has a key question that doesn’t look good for Hernandez.

Get the details on Aaron Hernandez double-murder trial jury and which way they might lean…

Aaron Hernandez Double-Murder Trial Jury: Raise Question No Verdict

CelebNSports247.com has learned that the Aaron Hernandez jury had a key question. The question suggested that they’re leaning toward convicting the former Patriots tight end.

We’ve been keeping you in the know of the Aaron Hernandez double-murder trial and now that the testimonies wrapped the jury has been deliberating. They’ve been going through all the testimonies trying to decided if he needs to be convicted for the murders of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado.

Aaron Hernandez double-murder trial jury Question:

Friday marked the first day of deliberations, and after more than six hours they walked out of the juror room without reaching a verdict.

Though, a hint of what the outcome might be surfaced when the jury asked the judge to clarify the law on the testimony of witnesses given immunity from prosecution. In case you don’t recall, the prosecution’s star witness, Alexander Bradley, was given immunity.

Bradley said he saw Hernandez shoot two men in 2012. Meanwhile, Hernandez’s lawyers told the jury Bradley was the shooter.

Basically, it’s a crap shoot since both sides are pointing fingers at each other. But if Bradley was the shooter, then why did Hernandez try to kill him? If that never happened we might believe Hernandez story.

The jury asked in a written note delivered to Judge Jeffrey A. Locke:

“If an immunized witness provides specific testimony that we believe would give enough evidence for a conviction, do we have to have corroboration evidence for that specific piece of testimony?”

Locke responded to the jury:

“The direct answer is no, what you need is corroboration to at least one element of the charged crime, or crimes.”

Hernandez is charged with the 2012 drive-by shooting of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado in Boston’s South End. Aaron is facing three counts of armed assault with intent to murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, unlawful carrying of a firearm and witness intimidation. Though the jury’s question did not specify which charge they were speaking of.

Whatever the outcome, Aaron Hernandez is already serving a life sentence without release for good behavior for a 2013 killing.

Who can forget these images that surfaced back in 2013 just hours after de Abreu and Furtado were murdered. But hey coincidence, right? The former TE can thank his own surveillance cameras in his home for picking this up.

Hernandez Evidence:

“Aaron just so happened to be holding his gun in his house moments after a guy that was with him was shot dead down the street and his car was seen leaving the scene. Probably a total coincidence.”

– Ballgame

Can home security possibly solves crimes?

Aaron Hernandez Double-Murder Trial Jury: Raise Question No Verdict

Aaron Hernandez Double-Murder Trial Jury: Raise Question No Verdict

Stay tuned…

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