Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial Set

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It was reported last week that former New England Patriots star turned criminal for murder, Aaron Hernandez trial was in motion. The prosecutors got the “God Forgives” and gun tattoo artist David Nelson to testify. Now, the trial is set for Aaron Hernandez double murder case!

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Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial Set

CelebNSports247.com has just got word that former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez and his lawyers are gearing up for their next courtroom battle.

Yesterday, Aaron’s former team won Super Bowl 51, while Aaron Hernandez sits behind bars serving a life sentence for a 2013 murder. Hernandez is awaiting the results from his double murder trial.

On March 1st, he will be tried in the 2012 killings of two men in Boston. Jury selection will begin on February 13, with testimony.

The prosecution already has tattoo artist David Nelson scheduled to testify. Nelson inked a few months after Hernandez allegedly killed two men in a drive-by shooting.

Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley’s office wrote in a court filing, last week:


Hernandez tattoos may reveal clues to his murders. Court records describe the tattoo as a six-shot revolver with five bullets in the cylinder and one empty chamber, with the words “God Forgives’’ written backward. The tattoo is only readable when viewed in the mirrors reflection. His neck tattoos reveal that he is content to be in for life.

If you recall, Hernandez’ other ink depicts a semi-automatic pistol and a spent shell casing with a wisp of smoke.

Hernandez, 27, who will living the remainder of his life behind bars in a maximum security prison 40 miles outside of Boston. He pleaded not guilty to two charges of first-degree murder. He pleaded NOT GUILTY for the 2013 murders as well. Too bad there was too much evidence against him.

Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial Set

What to expect at the trial?

The former tight end (while playing in the NFL) and once the pride of Bristol, Connecticut emerged as one of the Patriots’ bright young stars. But that wasn’t enough for the NFLs shining star. Aaron parlayed his success after signing a $40 million contract extension with the 2012 slayings of two men, which he is accused.

The three seasons University of Florida college football player thought his gang years were behind him when he was drafted by the New England Patriots. It was NOT since he continued to live a double life. One as a top notch tight end for the Patriots and the other, a thug life criminal for life.

In 2015, Aaron Hernandez career came to a grinding halt when he was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murder of his friend Odin Lloyd.

Lloyd was a semi-professional football player, that had a connection to Hernandez because he dated the sister of Hernandez’s fiancee.

It was said during the trial, prosecutors said Hernandez orchestrated the murder, then tried to cover up the death of Lloyd. His body was found in an industrial park just a mile from Hernandez’s home. However, Hernandez said as he was being transported from the courthouse to a state prison:

“They got it wrong…I didn’t do it.”

Hernandez has since appealed his conviction, but has been turned down by the courts.

How is the murder of Odin Lloyd and the killings of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado connected?

Unlucky for the “so-called” innocent Aaron Hernandez since a piece of evidence during investigation was found in Hernandez’s uncle’s house. It was the SUV, the vehicle prosecutors say Hernandez was driving when he shot and killed de Abreu and Furtado. Arron allege tried to point fingers at an accomplice.

You would think that was enough evidence, but the prosecutors have been building on the case and crossing all their t’s and dotting all their I’s.

The only connection the two men have with Hernandez is that de Abreu accidentally bumped Hernandez near the dance floor at Boston’s Cure Lounge. He spilled some of the football player’s drink, which Aaron Hernandez didn’t take lightly.

This angered Hernandez, leading him to follow de Abreu, Furtado and three friends when they left the club in a car. Then, at a stoplight, Hernandez pulled alongside the victims’ car and opened fire, according to prosecutors.

Why? it was a drink, so what? That’s not worth losing your career and freedom?

Hernandez was obviously living blurred lines since he allegedly took the liberty to take out anyone he felt crossed him.

Hernandez has enlisted Jose Baez, the lawyer who successfully defended Casey Anthony in her 2011 murder trial. Baez scored some pretrial victories for the defense. Hernandez has NOT been lucky like Baez. Though, Baez successfully argued to ban prosecutors from mentioning Hernandez’s prior conviction. Plus, the three survivors of the shooting who were in the car with de Abreu and Furtado will be limited, and they will not be allowed to identify Hernandez as the shooter. – WTVR

This is why the prosecution will be able to show jurors two of Hernandez’s tattoos featuring guns and shell casings, which they claim represent the two murders, and an admission of guilt.

Our opinion:

Aaron Hernandez was one of our favorite NFL players, but killing is NOT right. We don’t believe in murder. Hernandez has disappointed us. We were shocked by the news when he was found guilty. If he is guilty of killing these men, then he doesn’t deserve freedom. He is no better than Charles Manson. And it’s sad to see how he threw his life and career away like nothing.


Photo: Josh Reynolds/The Boston Globe via AP, Pool