Aaron Hernandez Gun Tattoos Allowed as Evidence

Aaron Hernandez Gun Tattoos Allowed as Evidence

Aaron Hernandez attorney was unsuccessful in getting the judge to throw out the gun tattoos as evidence. A judge has ruled the ink as evidence against Hernandez in his double murder case!!!

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Aaron Hernandez Gun Tattoos Allowed as Evidence

We previously told you about Aaron Hernandez gun tattoos were a road map to his crimes, since the allegedly commemorate 2 violent crimes.

On Tuesday, a judge ruled that tattoos Hernandez depicting firearms can be used as evidence while he is being tried on charges of murdering two men in a drive-by shooting. The incident which took place outside a Boston nightclub back in 2012. However, Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to killing 29-year-old Daniel de Abreu and 28-year-old Safiro Furtado. But that makes no sense since he was identified by witnesses in the drive-by. The trial is and the trial is scheduled to begin next month

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Per TMZ, the prosecutors believes that the ex-New England Patriots star memorialized two violent incidents, including the 2012 double murder. They also believe it has something to do with his gang affiliation. The prosecution also believes that it’s no coincidence that Aaron went out and got a tat of a revolver with 5 bullets along with the words, “God Forgives.” It was noted this he got his tats right after the murders. As for the 5 bullets, it is said to represent the 5 bullets shot during the drive-by.

The tat of a semi-automatic pistol with a single spent shell casing commemorates the 2013 shooting of a guy in the face with a semi-automatic pistol. Aaron’s lawyers argued that the tats should NOT be admissible — claiming it was “rank speculation.”

Unfortunately, for Hernandez, his poor excuse didn’t work, the judge ruled there’s too much of a connection to ignore. He is allowing the prosecutors to present them as evidence in court.

The double murder trial begins on Feb. 13th.