Aaron Hernandez Tattoos A Road Map To His Crimes

Aaron Hernandez Tattoos A Road Map To His Crimes

Back in 2014, we previously reported that Aaron Hernandez tattoo’s contained clues to the multiple murders. Now Prosecutors are saying Hernandez tattoos are a road map to his crimes!!!

Tattoos are awesome, they look cool and tell a story in some cases. For instance, when it comes to Aaron Hernandez, they tell the story of his sins…

Aaron Hernandez Tattoos A Road Map To His Crimes

CelebNSports247.com has new details on the former New England Patriots tight end, who allegedly chronicled his killings on his body.

In a photo below, you can see that Aaron Hernandez had three stars inked on his arm, which allegedly tie him to the three murders.

Aaron Hernandez Tattoos A Road Map To His Crimes

That was the first time the courts realized the former gang banger turned NFL star turned murderer was chronicling his doings. After Hernandez was sentenced to live without parole, he appeared in court with another tattoo. This time it was on his neck. It reads the word “Loyalty” another marker that shows he still has gang ties.

Aaron Hernandez Tattoos A Road Map To His Crimes

Is there more evidence on Aaron Hernandez Tattoos?

Then, Hernandez was identified as gunman in 2012 double homicide last week. And now Aaron Hernandez appeared in court for a pretrial hearing with two more tattoos. The prosecution had some intriguing new information to convict the former NFL tight end, now possible wide receiver. It’s all about Aaron Hernandez Tattoos!

Their angle is tying the road map of ink on his body to the murders:

Aaron Hernandez Tattoos A Road Map To His Crimes

The firearms tattoo shows a revolver with five bullets in the chamber with one missing. They feel it represents the shots fired during the drive-by in Boston. As for the “God Forgives” tattoo. It’s written backwards so it can only be seen through a mirror. Something that Aaron can look at and remind himself each day.

According to witnesses and the prosecution believe Aaron was the gunmen who orchestrated the killings. The two men who died were, 29-year-old Daniel de Abreu and 28-year-old Safiro Furtado in a 2012. he incident took place in Boston, it was a drive-by shooting. In a sort of confession of his sins, Hernandez inked his body. The prosecution believes that a revolver and “God Forgives” tattoos are key elements that tie him to the murders.

It’s sort of a memorial of his actions, since it was said Hernandez was gang member turned NFL star. The only thing is blood in, blood out, so he was allegedly never out. – LatinoAthlete

Do you believe that Aaron Hernandez tattoos are a road map to his crimes?

Ronald Sullivan, one of Hernandez’s attorneys, called the prosecution’s theory “speculation,” and “inference.” He wants the tattoo theory thrown out of court. He believes it violates Hernandez constitutional rights. Huh? Aaron Hernandez had the world in the palm of his hand. He lost those rights when he killed two men for spilling a drink on him in a club. It was an accident. Those men should not be dead for that. – KOC

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