Aaron Judge Joins Growing IL List with ‘Significant’ Oblique Strain

Aaron Judge Joins Growing IL List with 'Significant' Oblique Strain

Another day, another Yankees baller has been taken out of the game because of an injury. Yes, power-hitting outfielder Aaron Judge will be apparently out for most of this summer.

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CelebNSports247.com reports that 26-year-old Aaron Judge has joined the Yankees injury list which has now tallied 13 players, many of them significant starters.

The crazy part is that 66% of the Yankees’ WAR from last season is currently on the shelf.

This is what happened:

Aaron Judge hurt his oblique on Saturday against the Royals, making him the 13th player to be taken out of the game. So far 2019 is NOT a good year for the Yankees starters, but its a great year for the backups to prove themselves and take a position away.

The Yankees have started the season at 10-10 and will need to fight to stay alive as their players recover. All Judge has is a strain, of course, but when a team calls it “significant,” you know we’re speaking about months rather than weeks.

Here is where things stand via 12Up:

The Yankees lineup looks like a joke, but they’ll have to keep going with what they got. Luckily, things could get (marginally) better soon, though everything feels slightly hollow without their de facto captain. Gary Sanchez is set to return Wednesday in LA, and Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Hicks are being somewhat fast-tracked into rehab assignments of their own.

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