Aaron Rodgers Feeling Pressure from Danica Patrick?

Aaron Rodgers Feeling Pressure from Danica Patrick?

Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers feeling the pressure from Danica Patrick to get engaged.

Rumors are swirling that Packers QB Aaron Rodgers game is off because of Danica Patrick. Read on…

Aaron Rodgers Feeling Pressure from Danica Patrick?CelebNSports247.com reports that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has battled injuries for the second season in a row and hasn’t played to his lofty standards.

Here is what Aaron Rodgers had to say about his game on the field.

Rodgers ended his postgame news conference saying:

I know I’ve got to play better. But I will. And we’ll put ourselves in position.

Now, people are wondering what is up with Aaron? What is going through his head on the field?

Last week, he took to social media to raise money for the victims of the Butte County fire. Rodgers is from Chico, and his family still lives up there.

Maybe that is playing a part of his problems, but other sources are claiming that it must be the pressure of a relationship.

The source claims:

Aaron is getting the pressure from Danica to get engaged. Almost one year together at their ages is enough time, and she really wants a ring. Danica is looking for validation and wants to prove to everyone that leaving her Ex so abruptly after all those years, and jumping to AR immediately was the right thing to do. She did not get with AR just to date and be his girlfriend, she wants marriage, and she wants it soon.

Rodgers believes he’s the best of the best, and the Packers agreed, signing him to the richest contract in NFL history this past summer.

But it appears that Danica completely destroyed this guy in 12 months. He is set to marry his fiance, but is the pressure of getting married too much?

As for the Green Bay Packers, they fell to 0-6 on the road and 4-6-1 overall with Sunday night’s 24-17 loss at U.S. Bank Stadium to the Vikings.

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