Adrien Broner Coughs Up Settlement Payment to Jeweler

Adrien Broner Coughs Up Settlement Payment to Jeweler

Adrien Broner has consented to pay off the $1 million debt he incurred in lavish jewelry.

Read on to see why Adrien Broner coughs up settlement payment to jewelers…

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A post shared by Adrien AB Broner (@adrienbroner) on reports that Adrien Broner is finally paying what he owes to Pristine Jewelers.

If you recall, Adrien Broner ran a tab with Pristine Jewelers of $1.25 million before the checks he posted started bouncing so they cut him off.

Fast forward to now, TMZ has learned that Adrien Broner has consented to settle the debt over three convenient installments. News of an impending lawsuit over monies owed broke last year, by the powers vested in seeing Broner relevant outside the ring.

News of the final accord didn’t make its way to the press through a roundabout messenger, but thanks to TMZ’ insistence on following up the story through legal channels.

The problem was that Broner adamantly refused the payments offered by
Pristine Jewelers until now. The good thing is he wasn’t asked about Floyd Mayweather because that just pisses him off.

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