Adrien Broner Cuffed in Miami Spring Break

Adrien Broner Cuffed in Miami Spring Break

On Saturday boxer Adrien Broner got himself arrested once again in South Beach, Miami around 9 PM outside of a club where he was spotted dancing and having fun.

Read on to get more details on Adrien Broner who was cuffed by police on Saturday night in South Beach, Miami… reports that Adrien Broner was spotted walking the streets with fellow boxer Gervonta Davis.

According to witnesses, they say that Adrien Broner jaywalked on Collins Avenue when a driver honked at him. Adrien got annoyed and smacked the hood of the car while yelling at the driver.

It was Spring Break the Miami Police force was out in force and when they heard the uproar and responded immediately. Broner began to yell at the police when they approached and warned him to calm down or else he would be arrested. Broner refused to calm down, so was cuffed, according to TMZ.

The police did not arrest him and he was let go in time to hit Exchange Miami not too long after. It’s been a busy week for Broner.

Earlier this week Broner threatened to attack and even shoot gay people in a vile video posted to his social media account. The video comes after a gay man claims that he had sex with Broner, but the boxer was trying to deny the night of bliss.

Despite being cleared of sexual charges Adrien just seems to attract the police where ever he goes.

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