Adrien Broner Is a Free Man

Adrien Broner

Yes its true Adrien Broner Is a Free Man, the boxing champ has been released from jail after serving 10 days behind bars!!!

Get more details on Adrien Broner and his current situation on the flip…

Adrien Broner has the latest of boxing superstar,Adrien Broner, who surrendered to authorities in Ohio on April 12th to serve 10 days for violating his probation stemming from a 2015 drunk driving arrest.

If you remember Adrien Broner asked fans to write him letters to keep his mind busy. Though, we are NOT sure how many people took him up on the offer. But its too late for that, as of now, official records show Broner was released Friday morning and he’s now back home with his family.

Broner took to Instagram showing the one thing he missed most while locked up:

“This is what I missed the most #Family @misslouiebags #Aalayah #Adrioen #DaddyHome.”

Adrien Broner

We will see how long this last, since Broner seems to find new ways to get locked up. Hopefully he can go a month or two with no arrests or run ins with the police. Today marks day 3 and counting.

To recap:

About Billions was sentenced to 6 months probation back in July 2015 stemming from a drunk driving arrest in which he told the officer he was super rich and famous. Then, a couple weeks ago, AB turned himself in to police in Ohio for allegedly beating and robbing a man outside a bowling alley with a gun and now this! He served a 10 day stint behind bars in Ohio from a previous reckless driving conviction.


Let us not forget he’s still facing several major criminal charges for an alleged violent robbery at a bowling alley earlier this year. So we will delete those incidents from our “how many days can Broner go without an arrest.”

Weigh in and let us know, how many days do you think Adrien will go without an arrest?


Photo: Instagram/Adrien Broner