Alex Rodriguez No-Shows on Derek Jeter’s Special Night

A-Rod No-Shows on Derek Jeter's Special Night

The media has continued to try and rehash the A-Rod, Derek Jeter feuds of past, but Alex Rodriguez was a no-show on Sunday. A-Rod was MIA on Derek Jeter’s special night!

Read on and find out why A-Rod was a no-show at Yankee Stadium for Derek Jeter’s special night

A-Rod No-Shows on Derek Jeter's Special Night is hearing some tea on A-Rod and Derek Jeter again, but this time Rodriguez was NOT in the house.

All of the Yankee greats gathered at the Stadium where Derek Jeter‘s number 2 was retired. Alex Rodriguez was invited, but his publicist had said he wouldn’t be able to make it.

A-Rod No-Shows on Derek Jeter's Special Night

What was so important? Apparently, his relationship took precedence over his former team and teammate of whom he is supposedly no longer beefing with, Derek Jeter. On Sunday, the New York Yankees celebrated Jeter’s career in the MLB, but his “so-called” friend Alex Rodriguez decided to head to Miami to be with Jennifer Lopez.

A-Rod No-Shows on Derek Jeter's Special Night

It’s been said they’re close to an engagement, since Alex is head over heels for his Latina. The only problem is that this was probably the worse time to pull a no-show on Derek Jeter. They just calmed down all the feud rumors, but this move just reignited them.


A-Rod was seen hitting up NOBU in South Beach instead. I think A-Rod still has a huge crush on Jeter.

What do you think about A-Rod pulling a no-show? He’s NOT smashing Jeter, so maybe he made the right choice. Thoughts?