Andrew Luck RUMORED To Be Raiders Starting QB in 2020

Andrew Luck RUMORED To Be Raiders Starting QB in 2020

Andrew Luck RUMORED To Be Raiders Starting QB in 2020!

The biggest NFL news was Andrew Luck suddenly retiring from the NFL to live his best life and to stay away from more injuries. Though, a RUMOR has emerged speculating that Andrew Luck may be heading to Vegas as starting QB for the Raiders. Read on…


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It’s almost been a month since the news broke that Andrew was retiring. … This post has taken me awhile because I’ve been in denial. Sounds stupid, but it’s true. I’ve been a Luck fan and a Colts fan since I started watching football. Every Sunday afternoon was set aside to watch this man do his thing for the horseshoe. So when the news broke, I felt like a piece of me broke as well. Not gonna lie, I was at a firework show when the notification popped up on my phone. I called my dad and cried. It sounds so cheesy, but that’s the full truth. Andrew is one of the most humble and caring humans in the world. I’ve looked up to him for quite awhile and I still do! It sucks that I can’t watch him under center anymore, but I know his mental health is a priority. No one should feel pressured to do something that they don’t want to. His mental health is a PRIORITY. I will always support this guy and everything he has accomplished. Andrew will always be my favorite player. His legacy will carry on in Indy. Love ya 12 ???

A post shared by Andrew Luck (@andrew.luck12) on is hearing a RUMOR that Andrew Luck is NOT going to retire, instead, he is going to play for the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk decided to randomly throw speculation on his name when he took to Twitter and stated how Luck would not only come out of retirement, but he would be the QB of the Raiders.

Florio wrote on social media in a tweet that has since gone viral:

I have absolutely nothing to base this on whatsoever, but I continue to have a weird feeling that Andrew Luck could be the Week One 2020 starting quarterback of the Las Vegas Raiders.

One of the reason why Luck decided to retire was his history of injuries and the constant rehab. He said it just killed his love for football, which is understandable.

Luck said during his retirement press conference:

It’s been unrelenting. I felt stuck in it. The only way I see out is to no longer play football. It’s taken my joy of this game away.

This means quarterback Derek Carr should be worried. Since he signed a $125 million contract in 2017 that extended him five years his play on the field has gotten erratic.

Andrew Luck RUMORED To Be Raiders Starting QB in 2020

The Raiders are currently at 6-7 in their division.

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