Andy Ruiz Jr Wants Third Fight With Anthony Joshua

Andy Ruiz Jr Wants Third Fight With Anthony Joshua

Andy Ruiz Jr Wants Third Fight With Anthony Joshua!

The news is in, Anthony Joshua is a two-time heavyweight champion and of course, Andy Ruiz Jr wants a third fight. Read on to see how Andy Ruiz Jr demands a third rematch… reports while two-time heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua was speaking about the rematch against Andy Ruiz Jr, he said boxing is about experiences.

After beating Andy Ruiz Jr in the highly anticipated rematch, Anthony Joshua said this after the fight.

A jovial Joshua said.

Man, the first time was so nice — I had to do it twice. A man like me don’t make no excuses, my boy [heavyweight contender] Dereck Chisora said I could do this if I am ready to die. And look, this is about boxing. I am used to knocking guys out.

He went on to say:

Last time, I hurt the man and I got caught coming in. I gave that man his credit. There were no excuses. I respect Andy and his family and his trainers so much. I just wanted to put on a great boxing master class and also show the sweet science of this lovely sport. It’s about hitting and not getting hit.

Andy Ruiz Jr. jumped into Anthony Joshua’s interview demanding a third rematch and Joshua is down to do it again!


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