Antonio Brown Contract Guarantee Could Be Voided

Antonio Brown's Contract Guarantees Could Be Voided

Now that the New England Patriots have denied any knowledge of the incident between Antonio Brown and his former trainer.

Not to mention facing multiple charges of sexual assault and the fact that Antonio Brown is countersuing the woman accusing him of 3 separate incidents of sexual assault. Now, Antonio Brown’s contract guarantee could get voided by New England. Read on for more details on Antonio Brown Contract Guarantee and why we believe his former trainer is lying for a money grab… reports that Antonio Brown’s contract guarantees could be voided depending on how this plays out in Boston.

Antonio Brown has had a week from hell after being accused of sexual assault on 3 separate occasions by his former trainer who stayed training with him during all three alleged assaults. If you were really sexually assaulted, as a trainer you would cut AB off and tell him to find someone else.

The fact that Britney Taylor continued to work with him from 2017 and on through 2018 where all the incidents happened kind of proves she is just as guilty. It is pretty clear she is just trying to sabotage his career by allegedly lying about her sexcapades with an NFL star for a money grab.

If it comes out Britney Taylor lying which we believe you are, you have perjured yourself and that is jail time!

Meanwhile, the Patriots released a statement to take themselves out of the drama.

Here is what else we’ve learned:

After Brown had his contract guarantees voided over all the drama he caused in Oakland, it’s fair to wonder if he could be headed down the same path in New England.

Albert Breer of The MMQB obtained a copy of Brown’s contract on Wednesday, and the language in it states that the guaranteed money can be voided if the player “takes any action that materially undermines the public’s respect for, or is materially critical of, the Club, the Player’s teammates or the Club’s ownership, coaches.” – LBS


Ladies stop trying to us you P—- as a way to nab a man and when it fails stop suing them because he never wanted you for a long run in the first place.

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