Antonio Brown Helmet Crisis Continues: New Helmet Didn’t Work

Antonio Brown Helmet Crisis Continues: New Helmet Didn't Work

This was NOT what Antonio Brown wanted to hear when he thought his solved helmet crisis was solved.

Last week, Antonio Brown ade headlines for frostbite feet being circumcised and the NFL not allowing him to use his trusted helmet he has used from the beginning of his career. AB put out a call of action and someone helped him possibly solve the issue, well that is what he thought. We are hearing the helmet FAILED and Brown is NOT HAPPY. Read on for more on Antonio Brown Helmet crisis continues since the new helmet didn’t work…

Antonio Brown Helmet Crisis Continues: New Helmet Didn't Work reports that Antonio Brown he found several models of his preferred helmet, the Schutt Air Advantage, made within the past 10 years, including one made as late as 2014.

The NFL told Brown that he could wear the Air Advantage if he found a version of that helmet made within the last 10 years that would pass the league’s safety rules.

Brown’s representatives sent a 2010 model in for testing, which had specifically been certified by NOCSAE, the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment.

Well, last night, Antonio received word about the helmet, and guess what. It came back that the helmet had failed the tests.

AB was less than pleased and took to Twitter with a blunt statement:

Antonio Brown Helmet Crisis Continues: New Helmet Didn't Work

The problem Antonio is having is that Schutt discontinued manufacturing the Air Advantage in 2011. The company explained to San Antonio’s KSAT in 2014:

Current helmet technology had moved past it. The Air Advantage was the last varsity helmet made by Schutt that featured traditional foam padding. That material, which is used by most other helmet manufacturers, does not perform as well as the TPU Cushioning we now use in all of our varsity helmets.

We wonder if his legal team will say something about this?

As for Brown’s feeling playing with the Raiders, he had this to say:

Same Toilet Different Shhhh!

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