A’s Laureano SPRINTS Towards Astros Dugout; FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

A's Laureano SPRINTS Towards Astros Dugout; FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

A’s Laureano SPRINTS Towards Astros Dugout; FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

There is a lot of testosterone on the MLB field because the first actual brawl in the 2020 MLB season just unfolded before our eyes and it was against the Houston Astros. Continue on to watch A’s Laureano fight the Houston Astros dugout…

CelebnSports247.com reports that the A’s were playing Houston Sunday for a day game, and during the 7th inning Astros pitcher Humberto Castellanos beaned A’s outfielder Ramon Laureano in the back.

Ramon Laureano was PISSED. He had words for Astros Humberto Castellanos, but then directed his anger at the dugout. (above)

It looks like one of the Astros hitting coaches was chirping at Laureano, which then prompted the A’s slugger to charge the dugout.

Here is what we’ve learned:

Several Astros players stepped in before Laureano could reach his target — it looks like Dustin Garneau took him down and others piled on.

This led to the benches clearing and other players to tussle and wrestle on the ground, while others tried pulling one another off. Some were wearing masks, others weren’t — and the fact it was the first actual physical brawl of the COVID-era season made it all the more bizarre.

The MLB doesn’t take too kindly to brawls like this and of course, harsh penalties follow.

See, the MLB has strongly discouraged physical closeness/confrontations, especially if they can be avoided.

They’ve said they’ll hand down whatever regular fines or suspensions they normally do in these types of situations, but won’t cut ’em down at all for the shortened season.

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