Asante Samuel DRAGS Chris Chambers Wife Stacey Chambers

Asante Samuel DRAGS Chris Chambers For Marrying A Stripper

Baller Wives is making names for former NFL stars Asante Samuel and Chris Chambers, especially since Stacey Chambers is the most verbal one of the bunch.

It seems that Stacey Chambers antics has rubbed Jeniva’s husband’s the wrong way and now Asante Samuel is FIRING OFF some shots at Chris Chambers since you can’t make a stripper a housewife. Read on…

Asante Samuel DRAGS Chris Chambers For Marrying A Stripper has some tea to spill on the actual ballers of Baller Wives. If you’ve been watching, then you know Stacey Chambers is a messy one.

She tries everyone and then flips the script claiming “I don’t know why the other wives don’t like me.” It’s simple, she may be Chris Chambers wife, but she is still that hoodrat ratchet stripper he “so called” stocked and fell in love with. Stacey and Asante’s wife Jeniva can’t stand each other, and the two have continued to go at each other on social media.

Well it appears, Asante Samuel has had enough of it, so he decided to let everyone know who Stacey truly is. He Trolled Chris Chambers gram and FIRED OFF #FACTS!


Asante unleashed on Chris with FACTS about Stacey Chambers for being a former stripper, a scammer, and a stalker who eventually married Chris Chambers after a few trips to jail:

“Stacey “Cream” Chamber and for everybody in Miami that remembers who Cream is say I. You left the stripper pole cause the money was to slow and then started petty theft. Keep me and my wife name out your mouth. We don’t worry or care one bit about your miserable ass. My wife is to classy to respond to you but I’m ratchet to get on your level. #ballerwives #staceythestalker #tellyourhusbandstocontrolyall #ifnotohwell”

Asante Samuel DRAGS Chris Chambers For Marrying A Stripper

Then, Asante Samuel pointed out how Chris left his wife for a stripper, Stacey and married her:

“I’m a big dummy, I left my real wife who cared about me to marry this chick in Vegas two days after I divorced my wife now she got me living in a empty house because she don’t want the people to see we staying in the same house as my ex wife. Oh and I had to sell my business because I ran out of money fucking wit my wife. Now I work there. ???”

Asante then laid Stacey to rest with a video and caption that reads:

“When a ratchet ****** want to hang with classy ladies this what you get. ??? #whomarriedyouandwhy #nobodylikesyou #exceptforthepeopleyoujustmeet #orpay”

There is no recovery from this one. Sorry Stacey, Asante just dropped FACTS on yo ass!