Bart Scott Calls Odell Beckham Jr. A 'Fake Tough Guy'

Bart Scott Calls Odell Beckham Jr. A ‘Fake Tough Guy’


Former Ravens and Jets linebacker Bart Scott is BLASTING Odell Beckham Jr. by calling Odell a “fake tough guys!!!”

Flip and get the tea spilling on why Bart Scott is calling Odell Beckham Jr. A ‘Fake Tough Guy’…

Bart Scott Calls Odell Beckham Jr. A 'Fake Tough Guy' has the latest on Odell Beckham Jr. who is being called a “fake tough guy” by the former Ravens and Jets linebacker Bart Scott.

Former NFL player Bart Scott appeared on CBS Sports Radio, and the topic of Odell Beckham Jr. was brought up. Bart Scott had some ideas of what he would do to OBJ.

Scott said Beckham is lucky he still isn’t playing in the league, while speaking for NFL defenders:

“What we hate most (are) crybabies. We hate fake tough guys.”

“I would choke the hell out of Odell Beckham if he came here with that.”

He adds:

“I’ve choked plenty of players … Get that helmet off, I’ll grab that little mullet ponytail … I’ll pull his hair back and smack the hell out of him.”

Scott also hammered Beckham for his Week 4 plea for help to officials, whom Beckham accused of unfairly targeting him with flags, saying “it’s always … my fault.”

The hate for OBJ is real, and spreading more by the day:

“You don’t hit him with the front of the hand. You hit him with the backhand.”

“Somebody gotta die.”

“I’ve never seen a lion in the jungle ask a zebra for help.”

Checkout what Bart Scott said:

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