Bears’ Akiem Hicks Offended By Radio Host

Bears' Akiem Hicks Offended By Radio Host

Bears’ Akiem Hicks Offended By Radio Host

Bears defensive end Akiem Hicks hangs up on radio hosts over injury “joke.”

Read on and find out what offended the 30-year-old Chicago Bears defensive tackle, Akiem Hicks… reports that Pro Bowl defensive tackle Akiem Hicks is still doing the media rounds despite currently being on the injured reserve list.

Chicago Bears DT Akiem Hicks appeared on ESPN Radio’s Waddle & Silvy Show on Tuesday, but this went left when the small talk turned awkward.

Apparently, Hicks decided that the hosts, Marc Silverman and former Bears wide receiver Tom Waddle, were not supporting the team.

That is when things gt ugly and then Waddle “joked” about the almost season-ending injury that Hicks suffered against the Raiders.

Hicks was extremely offended and FIRED BACK at Waddle saying that he would not joke about the injury. Then Akeim told the hosts it was his last time on the radio station and hung up.

It then carried over to Twitter where apologies were neither given nor accepted.

He added:

If you recall, Hicks suffered a dislocated elbow in Week 5’s loss to the Raiders and was expected to miss a significant amount of time. He’ll be eligible to return for the team’s final three games in 2019, assuming he recovers in time.

Back in October, The Chicago Bears announced that DT Akiem Hicks would be placed on the IR:

What do you think about the Bears Akiem Hicks getting offended by radio host and former Bears Tom Waddle?

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