Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky Channels His Inner Mike Ditka

Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky Channels His Inner Mike Ditka

Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky rubbed some people the wrong way on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Bears themselves are saying that the Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky showed up for Sunday’s game against the Jets in style. read on to watch… doesn’t think anything of it. With Halloween just days away this seems more than appropriate for Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky to show up like legendary Bears head coach Mike Ditka.

If you ask any diehard Bears fans they would probably be overjoyed to see the return of Ditka who led the Bears to their 1986 Super Bowl win. The team is overdue to get back in the game.

Maybe Trubisky is trying to channel that success of Ditka to turn things around for his team. Plus dressing Ditka shows that the legendary Bears head coach is NOT forgotten.

Trubisky is just trying to set a new mood for the Chicago Bears as he prepares for the second half of the season.

The 24-year-old, second overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, Mitchell Trubisky had this to say about his look:

I wouldn’t call it a costume, I’d say I dressed as a legend.

The Bears still have a shot in the tight NFC North.


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