Ben Simmons Puts Karl Anthony Towns In A Chokehold

Ben Simmons Puts Karl Anthony Towns In A Chokehold

Earlier we told you about Joel Embiid & Karl Anthony Towns fistfight during the Philadelphia 76ers and Minnesota Timberwolves game, but Ben Simmons jumped into the mix.

Continue on to watch how 76ers Ben Simmons jumped in and put Karl Anthony Towns in a chokehold... reports that 76ers Ben Simmons made sure to have his teammate Joel Embiid while fistfighting Timberwolves Karl Anthony Towns.

Was it fair, hell nah, but this fight was utterly out of control.

See, it all started when the began bumping each other, which ultimately led to Karl-Anthony Towns attempting to throw a terrible punch as they wrapped each other up.

Check out how it all went down during Wednesday nights game:

Damn, this was one ugly @ss scene as Embiid, Karl-Anthony and Ben Simmons were all scene fighting on the court during the game.

What do you think about Ben Simmons putting Karl-Anthony Towns in a chokehold?

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