Blake Griffin Breaks Hand Fighting Michael Eaves


Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin Breaks Hand Fighting Michael Evans, after Hitting the Clippers Equipment Staff Member!!!

Find out what went down between Blake Griffin and Michael Eaves on the flip…

Blake Griffin Breaks Hand Fighting Michael Evans has learned that NBA baller Blake Griffin apparently got into a fight with friend and member of the Clippers staff, Michael Eaves.

According to reports Blake Griffin ended up breaking his hand during the altercation.

Blake took to twitter saying:

Complex reports:

Blake Griffin hasn’t played for the Clippers in more than a month due to a torn quadriceps muscle that sidelined him just before Christmas. And while the team has done well without him—they’re 11-3 since he went down—they have only played against two teams with records above .500 during that stretch, so they were obviously looking forward to getting him back into the lineup soon. But it sounds like that’s not going to happen due to a hand injury that he reportedly just suffered.

The Clippers haven’t released any statement about the injury, but according to ESPN, Griffin fractured his right hand during what is being described as an “undisclosed team-related incident.” We don’t want to jump to any conclusions here, but plenty of people are already speculating about what that might mean with some suggesting Griffin may have injured his hand during a fight with one of his teammates. Regardless of how it happened, the injury will likely prevent Griffin from playing for an extended period of time.

Shortly after the incident, Blake issued an apology:

Blake Griffin Breaks Hand Fighting Michael Evans

Eaves also weighed in saying:

Blake Griffin Breaks Hand Fighting Michael Evans

As for, the Clippers, they still haven’t commented on the incident that led to Blake Griffin’s injury.

However, Doc Rivers said the team will issue a statement before their game against the Pacers tonight. But according to SportsCenter anchor Michael Eaves, the injury took place when Griffin hit a Clippers equipment staff member after the team’s loss to the Raptors on Sunday.

What do you think about Blake and Michael’s brawl?

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