Bodybuilding Superstar Shawn Rhoden Charged with 1st Degree Rape

Bodybuilding Superstar Shawn Rhoden Charged with 1st Degree Rape

2018 Mr. Olympia winner and bodybuilding superstar Shawn Rhoden has been charged with 1st-degree rape in Utah. He is wanted for allegedly sexually assaulting a female bodybuilder in 2018.

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Bodybuilding Superstar Shawn Rhoden Charged with 1st Degree Rape reports that bodybuilding superstar Shawn Rhoden, 44, has not been arrested, but a warrant has been issued.

Cops in Salt Lake City say that Shawn Rhoden, who goes by Flexatron accuser claims she visited Rhoden in his hotel room in Oct. 2018, according to court docs obtained by

The unidentified woman, who viewed Rhoden as a mentor fund herself in a compromising position when Rhoden allegedly forced himself on her. She told cops that she repeatedly pleaded for him to stop, but Rhoden refused. She claims he eventually stopped and let her leave the room.

Officials say the woman went to the police and they collected evidence from her body that tested positive for Rhoden’s DNA.

Rhoden has been hit with multiple criminal charges including felony rape, object rape, and forcible sexual assault.

TMZ reports:

We have also learned that the woman is married and underwent a sexual assault examination

The nurse who conducted the exam said the accuser had a laceration on her vagina, something prosecutors in sexual assault cases usually look for to support a rape claim.

Once the police have Shawn Rhoden his bail has already been set for $750,000.

Shawn is a huge star in the bodybuilding world with 1.6 million followers on IG and is the reigning Mr. Olympia. Being Mr. Olympia is one of the most prestigious titles in the sport. Something like this can tarnish his career for good.

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