Boston Bruins Brad Marchand Kissing Leo Komarov

Boston Bruins Brad Marchand Kissing Leo Komarov

Boston Bruins left wing hockey player Brad Marchand, the NHL’s version of Dennis Rodman, got into a neck licking situation.

When we say, neck licking, we’re saying he got intiment on the ice and licked another NHL player on the neck. Read on to see the tea spilling…

Boston Bruins Brad Marchand Kissing Leo KomarovMaybe it’s a love connection on ice, who says that NHL players can’t kiss or lick each others neck during a game.

It’s a bit weird, but it happened and now it’s got NHL fans weirded out. #LOL has this report via TPS:

On Thursday, the Boston Bruins opened their series against the Toronto Maple Leafs and it wasn’t even close as the Bruins ran off with the game, winning 5-1 to take a 1-0 series lead.

However, during the game, Marchand had a very disturbing moment when he leaned into Maple Leafs’ Leo Komarov and delivered a long kiss or lick to his neck.

This was just one of multiple times it’s happened. We guess love is in the air, or Leo Komarov’s neck tasted hella good.

The news comes from Hockey Night in Canada‘s Twitter:

Brad Marchand is just trying to show Leo Komarov how much he loves the #StanleyCup playoffs ?

We wonder what else Brad was licking after the game? #WinkWink #HaHaHa

Hey if Brad and Leo are getting it on, we support them. Love comes in all shapes, sizes, and sometimes same sex, so go for it fellas. The way Brad was licking Leo’s neck, we bet he was standing in full attention and we’re not talking standing on his feet. #GetARoom #LOL