Boxers #GetInTheGame with Crypto Boxers + Make Residual Income

Boxers #GetInTheGame with Crypto Boxers + Make Residual Income

Crypto Boxers, the first and only boxing game operating on blockchain technology, has announced an open call for ALL boxers to #GetInTheGame!

If you’re a professional contender, then the open call is for you! Read on…

Boxers #GetInTheGame with Crypto Boxers + Make Residual IncomeCelebes, if you know a professional boxer or have a friend in boxing who fights in the ring, then make sure to let them know about the Crypto Boxers announcement.

Crypto Boxers is now accepting applications from boxing professionals who would like to have an avatar created for the game inclusion and thereby receive a residual income after the game is launched.

Don’t hesitate, don’t be behind the curve, step ahead of everyone else and join Crypto Boxers, slated to launch this summer.

How Boxers Can make a Residual Income by joining Crypto Boxers.?

The game will feature real life boxing professionals as collectible tokens for the virtual action on Ethereum, an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system. It features a smart contract functionality. Perspective participants can log on at

This is the future of gaming, and while the rest of the world is years ahead already using Bitcoins, Ethereum and other digital coins, the US is behind. NOT anymore, Crypto Boxers will take us all into the future and where gaming is headed.

When playing Crypto Boxers, gamers engage in virtual matches with the boxer of their choice (professional boxer avatars), thus creating an actual ‘glove on’ in the ring experience. This offers gamers of all types to have a unique opportunity via their wins and losses, and here is why.

Crypto Boxers will do for crypto currency what Madden did for the gaming industry. This will push the boundaries beyond PlayStation and Xbox. See, the best part of Crypto Boxers is that gamers can earn upon wins via their avatars by reaping digital rewards.

Who is involved?

Boxing Champion Yahu ‘Rock’ Blackwell is spearheading the game after delaying his initial fight game release to expand the concept to merge into the cryptocurrency space that is thriving. Hall of Famer and legendary referee Joe ‘Mr. Fair but Firm’ Cortez is the first celebrity announcement with his own avatar calling the fights on the game.

Yahu’ s manager and Crypto Boxers consultant, Andre Gilliam “wanted to make the game an inclusive experience for the entire boxing community.” Gilliam added, “it just made sense to invite our industries pioneers, current contenders and newcomers to #GetInTheGame.” Like it was previously stated “fighters have an opportunity to earn long term residual income by lending their personas as fight opponents for gamer selection.”

Are you ready to “Get in The Game”?

Don’t be behind the curve, stay ahead of it. Crypto Boxers has received and overwhelming positive response with numerous professional boxers already signed up. Perspective participants can log on at – To stay connected and get more details on the release date sign up at