Browns Odell Beckham + Baker Mayfield NOT Clicking

Browns Odell Beckham + Baker Mayfield NOT Clicking

Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr. on Monday Night Football was supposed to be television gold.

Instead, Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr. are more of The Cleveland Browns bloopers when it comes to MNF. Continue on to see what is being said about Odell Beckham + Baker Mayfield… has the latest on Mayfield and Beckham who are NOT clicking, and it’s hard to hide that when the whole world is watching.

In Monday night’s 31-3 blowout victory by the 49ers, Beckham was held to two catches on six targets for 27 yards. It was the second straight week he was limited to a pair of receptions after last week’s two-catch, career-low 20-yard performance in the 40-25 win over Baltimore.

What was depressing about Monday night’s game is that Hall of Famer Jerry Rice was there to witness Odell Beckham break Rice’s record for most receiving yards in a career with 22,895.

What makes it hard to believe is that Beckham only caught 4-of-13 targets the past two weeks. The Browns aren’t going to win many games if their superstar receiving isn’t making more big plays and catching more touchdown passes. Beckham also dropped a bubble screen on the next play, and couldn’t quite reach an overthrown deep ball down the right sideline on the second drive, according to – This goes right along with OBJ getting BOOED by fans.

Baker Mayfield said of the deep out:

I definitely wish it could’ve been a little more accurate…It’s the little details. That’s the difference in winning and losing.

What had been going wrong with The Browns Baker and Beckham:

See, things looked promising on the opening play when Beckham found his good friend Jarvis Landry for a 20-yard catch. But as night wore on, Mayfield (8-for-22, 100 yards, 2 picks, 13.2 rating) completed only seven more attempts than Beckham.

Beckham weighed in with this:

In a game that seemed like it was already over, just trying to make a play. Anytime I can get the ball in my hand I felt like I just needed it, maybe I could give us some energy, some life, and I don’t think I’ve fumbled much in the NFL but it is what it is. You just take it on the chin. We had already been down, the game was close to done. I was just trying to give us some spark, trying to give us some life and just did too much.

Odell adds:

Yeah, man, he does that. It’s just what he does. It’s what he’s known for and they have a good scheme, motioning this, that, running, the offensive line played great, they were coming down the line, there were gaps to run, and they played better than we did tonight in every phase of the game.

Beckham said:

Definitely not [what we wanted to show]. It was Monday Night Football. The whole world watched that and got to see that so you can sit here and put it on us or you can sit here and say the 49ers played a way better game and that’s just what they did.

When Freddie Kitchens asked about if it’s been tougher to get Beckham more involved than he thought.

He said:

We’ve got other guys that we’re targeting in the red zone too. [Antonio] Callaway’s wide open tonight in the red zone. So, our quarterback’s going to go through a progression. Sometimes Odell’s the first read in that progression, sometimes he’s the second, sometimes he’s the third, sometimes he’s the fourth.

Our quarterback’s going to continue to get better with his progressions. Our receivers are going to continue to get better lining up and doing what they’re supposed to do and then ultimately, everybody needs to a better job coaching and playing.

Kitchens said:

Odell catches punts every day. So, you know, just gave it a whirl, and just need better ball security. I don’t know if you can point to one play that killed it. To be honest, you know what happened. They beat us in every phase of the game. They ran the ball down us (for 275 yards). They stopped us on defense. They played on special teams. They just did everything. We all saw the game, so we need to go back and evaluate and get ready for next week.

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