Cam Newton

Cam Newton Caught With Side Chick


With the Super Bowl just days away Cam Newton has some explaining to do, since Cam Newton Caught With Side Chick!?! caught wind that Cam was spotted laid up with some random side chick…

Cam Newton

Did you hear Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton Caught With Side Chick?

Word is, that the quarterback was getting some off field activities since he has apparently moved on now that his Girlfriend Kia had their baby Chosen.

But that is only if you believe the RUMOR makers MTO, who revealed that Tasha from Atlanta is now in tight with the Superbowl bound Quarterback, Cam Newton as his Main Side Chick.

Here is what is being said about Cam:

Cam and his main side chick Tasha met cam in Atlanta. He approached her at the Lennox mall and invited us to his house that day for a get together he was having. The pictures are of them snuggled up in the couch together in Cam’s Atlanta Penthouse. Tasha is an Aspiring Model/Actress from Atlanta.

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