Cam Newton Injured In Preseason Game Against Patriots

Cam Newton Injured In Preseason Game Against Patriots

Oh, this is not good for the Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

During Thursday’s preseason game between the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots Cam Newton found himself scrambling in the pocket. Before he knew it Cam was tackled by a few players. And now the Panthers star QB Cam Newton injured… has learned that in his return to action, Cam Newton’s arm looked fine, but it was his left foot that became the biggest concern.

Cam Newton was back on the field for the first time since Week 15 last season when his year was ended with a shoulder injury, according to

Then, during Thursday night’s 10-3 preseason loss against the New England Patriots Cam was spotted limping after being tackled by multiple players. It was revealed shortly after that he had injured his left foot and did not return to the game.

Newton was briefly looked at and eventually escorted to the locker room.

News spread instantly that Cam had been injured on social media via NFL Update:

Cam Newton Injured In Preseason Game Against Patriots

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