Cam Newton Weighs In on Colin Kaepernick

Cam Newton Weighs In on Colin Kaepernick

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was asked his opinion on fellow NFL San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his sit down. Cam has responded since it has become the hottest water-cooler topic of the season!!!

Flip and find out what Cam Newton has to say about Colin Kaepernick sitting down…

Cam Newton Weighs In on Colin Kaepernick has just learned that there was an interview published today on ESPN’s website about Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton weighing in on Colin Kaepernick.

Cam decided to respond the best to his knowledge. He simply said:

“Who am I to say that it’s wrong or who am I to say that it’s right…Either or, it’s still personal.”

Newton then also addressed race in America, and athletes, like Kaepernick, who speak out on social issues. Cam had one of the most intelligent answers yet.

He questions skin, but he breaks it down for what it is, 1/8 of who a person is. Color is nothing more than skin, flesh, something we are all made of. We can change the skin we are in, but we can change who we are as the person we are.

People need to remember we are all the same color under the skin, blood red, bone, muscle and veins. Here is how Cam said it:

“What I can’t fathom is…how does one-eighth of an inch, something so small, be the difference and such a big commodity in our whole lifetime? And that’s the thickness of our skin, one-eighth of an inch. And under that, we’re all the same color, and that’s the big picture. A lot of scrutiny happens when an athlete starts talking about, you know, race, but the truth of the matter is we’ve just got to do right by each other, no matter what color you are. Certain things that have happened in our lifetime, it is kind of embarrassing to be affiliated with, but it still happens. But who am I to say, ‘Colin, you’re wrong, bro’? And who am I to say, ‘Bro, you’re right’? Because we all have the right to think whatever we want to think, and I respect that about everybody.”

There you have it.