Carlos Boozer Child Support Payments Cut to $380 a Month

Carlos Boozer Child Support Payments Cut to $380 a Month

Carlos Boozer spent 13 seasons in the NBA making in upwards of $146 million during his run in sports, but his career ended and the big paychecks stopped after the 2014-2015 season.

Bad news for Carlos Boozer ex wife Cindy because his child support payments have seriously dropped. Continue on for more tea…

Carlos Boozer Child Support Payments Cut to $380 a has the latest on Carlos Boozer who he agreed to pay the $8k, he was playing for the Los Angeles Lakers and he expected to continue his career but did not get any offers.

In 2016, Carlos Boozer ended up playing in China but announced his retirement in December of 2017.

Now, The Blast spilled this mouth dropping tea Carlos Boozer’s financials:

The original agreement had a provision that allowed him to ask for a decrease if his income dropped and he moved back to Florida. Cindy originally demanded his motion be dismissed and support not be modified.

But Carlos and Cindy attended mediation where they were ultimately able to settle their issues. Per their new deal, they will now split custody 50/50 and Carlos will only pay a total of $382 a month in support for the kids.

The amount is based on Carlos’ income of $19k a month and Cindy ballin’ herself with $15k a month in income. He will also pay his ex-wife $10,000 to cover arrearages owed for other child expenses.”

Boozer is currently playing ball for Ice Cube’s BIG3 League.