Casper Smart Weighs in on J-Rod

Casper Smart Weighs in on J-Rod

Here comes Jen’s former flame, ex Casper Smart ready to weighs in on his ex Jennifer Lopez dating Alex Rodriguez aka J-Rod!

Flip and get the tea and see what Casper Smart is saying about J-Rod

Casper Smart Weighs in on J-Rod

Wait, hold up Jennifer Lopez’s back up dancer, beau Casper Smart apparently has nothing but good things to say about his ex-girlfriend’s new relationship with baseball legend Alex Rodriguez.

Since everyone is now talking about J-Rod being the it Latino item in the headlines, Casper Smart is all hearts.

Smart had this to say about he ex to ET:

“[We’re] friends”…I have “nothing but respect and love for each other.”

The 29-year-old performer added:

“Of Course” he’s happy for J-Rod. “I want nothing but the best and love [for her].”

Mmmm. hmmm!


This is the first we’ve heard from Casper since their final and official split in August 2016.

Before calling things off, Smart went on tour with Lopez as a choreographer and dancer. Reflecting on that experience, Smart shared:

“It was tiring but nice to travel around the world in six months, especially with someone you’re with and you get to enjoy it together.”


Are you thinking what we’re thinking about Casper? He know damn well he can’t say anything wrong about her if he wants to keep a paycheck if he’s to work with her again.

Do you feel that Jennifer Lopez upgraded to Alex Rodriguez? The both Nurican, beautiful and paid?

He’s a dancer not a baller? She’s like up here and he’s like down in the hire me pool. Let your boss ex move on and date another boss! Now what.