Chris Bosh Baby Mama Lawsuit Thrown Out

Chris Bosh Baby Mama Lawsuit Thrown Out

Former NBA player Chris Bosh has been in the courts with his nagging baby mama, Allison Mathis for a long time. She continues to blame him for getting her fired from Basketball Wives.

Time has passed and now Chris Bosh is in the clear. Read on why a judge just threw out Chris Bosh Baby Mama Lawsuit

Chris Bosh Baby Mama Lawsuit Thrown Out has learned that Allison Mathis lawsuit against Chris Bosh just got thrown out by a judge.

For 8-years Allison Mathis has been angry with Chris Bosh since producers of Basketball Wives didn’t think she had enough of a personality or storyline to be on the series..

Chris Bosh Baby Mama Lawsuit Details:

Mathis has been determined to recoup some of that money, because she was forced to get a regular job as a result.


Bosh’s baby mama claimed she received positive feedback for her work and at no time did she make negative comments about her baby daddy while on camera. In addition, prior to filming she told producers that she would not participate in the show that would involve her daughter or her relationship with Chris.

“She blames that Bosh lost her the opportunities to make minimum of $191k + upwards of $1 million dollars. After she lost her spot on the show she was forced to support herself through clerical and retail work. She also claims that she had to file for bankruptcy to save the home where she lives with her daughter.”TPS

A judge has officially decided to throw the entire thing out and here is why:

“On July 25th, the judge came back with his decision and sided with Bosh by throwing out the entire lawsuit prior to the jury trial, awarding his baby mama nothing in her 8 year long legal battle with the NBA star.

The judge notes he reviewed the evidence and testimony and there is no record evidence to prove Mathis’ claim that Shed Media terminated her contract due to Bosh’s interference. Without evidence she will be unable to prove her case, pointing out that no affidavits or depositions were done that show or explain why Shed Media fired her.” 

Bottom line her allegations are insufficient.

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