Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy Fight Moves to Dubai

Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy Fight Moves to Dubai

One of the craziest things that kicked off the New Year was Chris Brown and Soulja Boy beef has officially been turned into a legit fight, but it’s no longer happening in Las Vegas!!!

Find out why the Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy fight has now moved from the city of sin to Dubai…

Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy

The Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy fight if being promoted by none other than, Floyd Mayweather and his TMT. Not only that, Mayweather is apparently training Soulja.

Of course, 50 Cent jumped into the mix, made some calls and now, Mike Tyson is backing and training Chris Brown to fight Soulja Boy.

The whole thing sounds ridiculous, but the fight is happening if you like it or not. Soulja Boy went on record to say that he and Chris are like brothers, but brother fight. With that said, the fight will be the R&B star vs the rap/reality TV star. However, when these two actually come to blows, they want to make sure they make a pretty penny off of it. The whole thing is petty, but fans are eating it up, and these two are hoping to make boxer money. The only thing is all monies made will be going to charity, except for Floyd’s take, we all know he’ll be cashing in since he’s the promoter.

Why Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy fight moved to Dubai:

Anyway, their highly anticipated boxing match will now take place across the seas in Dubai.

Sources tell TMZ that the two artists want to run the fight on Pay-Per-View, and initially wanted it to take place in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, due to rules and regulations in Vegas that include drug testing amateur fighters, that will be pretty impossible.  So, to maximize their coin and make sure the show goes on, they want to take the event overseas.

The source says that the first choice for a location is Dubai. Supposedly Chris and Soulja have both discussed donating proceeds to charity, but reportedly could still be keeping a few dollars for themselves.

This is to set the record straight in case you believe any of the other outlets claiming Soulja Boy and Chris Brown hate each other. It’s all to make money and promote a fight.

Don’t believe us, take it from Soulja Boy: