Colin Kaepernick Will Stand During National Anthem in 2017

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Colin Kaepernick kicked off 2016 with controversy taking a knee during the national anthem. Well that isn’t going to happen in 2017!

Colin Kaepernick caused on the way he choose to protest social inequality, but his method transcended the sports world. With a new season upon us Kaepernick says he will stand for the national anthem in 2017. Read why…

Colin Kaepernick Will Stand During National Anthem in 2017 has learned that Colin Kaepernick is opting out of his contract with the 49ers and will be a free agent.

With the change Colin Kaepernick no longer wants the past method of protest to detract from the positive change that he believes has been created, per sources. Kaepernick believes he accomplished his mission discussion on social inequality on a national level. From other NFL and NBA players, women’s soccer and college and high school athletes nationwide affirmed the message he was trying to deliver.

Where Kaepernick will be standing for the anthem is another matter; but Keap will no doubt be able to find work as a backup, and in a passing league woefully short on quarterbacks.


Will he go long? Most likely, there is talk that the 49ers QB could be heading north instead of East.

When we say north we’re talking about the Seattle Seahawks.

Sporting News reports:

As weird as Seattle might sound because of Kaepernick and San Francisco’s history against their NFC West rival, it’s the likeliest of unlikely destinations.

It would come with Kaepernick having to live with the disappointment of not being signed as a starting NFL quarterback. But it also would come with a great opportunity for the 29-year-old to get his career back on track, in the right place.

Kaepernick didn’t seem to care that his actions and political statements would hurt his future earning power in the NFL. If he can accept taking lesser money, he shouldn’t see settling for second in Seattle as a lesser move, but rather a necessary one that can turn into a blessing.

The Seahawks’ job for several seasons was to stop Kaepernick. Don’t be shocked if they’re soon charged with restarting him as their backup.