D'Qwell Jackson

Colts Linebacker D’Qwell Jackson Facing Jail Time


According to reports, Colts Linebacker D’Qwell Jackson Facing Jail Time after being found guilty of punching pizza guy!!!

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D'Qwell Jackson

Things aren’t looking to smooth for The Indianapolis Colts LB D’Qwell Jackson, who might be facing jail time after being convicted of simple assault in a Washington, D.C., courtroom on Monday, CelebNSports247.com has learned.


In February 2015, Colts Linebacker D’Qwell Jackson was accused of punching a pizza delivery driver in the face.   The court case continues and as of today, the NFL baller may be heading to jail.

CBS Sports reports:

According to a police report from the incident, Jackson punched the pizza delivery driver because the man parked in Jackson’s spot inside of a gated community. The Colts linebacker lives in a complex that has assigned parking spaces and Jose Bonilla-Fuentes had briefly parked in the spot so he could deliver a pizza.

Although Jackson could face up to 180 days in jail because of the conviction, his lawyer thinks it will be much less.

“D’Qwell Jackson is one of the finest men I have had the pleasure to know. We are extremely disappointed in the verdict, but keep in mind it is a misdemeanor matter for a man with an impeccable past record,” Jackson’s attorney, David Schertler told the Indianapolis Star.

The 32-year-old linebacker is scheduled to be sentenced on April 6. Bonille-Fuentes has also filed a civil lawsuit against Jackson, which is set to go to court in April.

On top of the sentencing and the lawsuit, Jackson could also be punished under the NFL’s personal conduct policy. The Colts also could take action against their star linebacker.

“We’re disappointed to read reports of D’Qwell Jackson’s misdemeanor verdict in Washington, D.C.,” the Colts said in a statement. “We’ve not had an opportunity to review any of the evidence or testimony from the trial and have not made any determination as to any action we might take as a result.”

Jackson has been with the Colts since the beginning of the 2014 season and has led the team in tackles in each of the past two years.

Besides being the Colts’ leading tackler, Jackson is also known for the role he played in Deflategate. The linebacker picked off Tom Brady during the AFC Championship Game in January 2015 and gave the football to the Colts equipment staff. The ball was apparently under-inflated, which led to the never-ending story known as Deflategate.

D'Qwell Jackson


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