What Conor McGregor Said About Fighting Mayweather

What Conor McGregor Said About Fighting Mayweather

Some think that Conor McGregor threw the fight in the 10th round, we know that he was fatiguing against the boxing champion. Mayweather did what all top boxers do, he studied Conor, and then attacked.

Now that the fight is history and one for the books, did you hear what Conor McGregor said about fighting Mayweather during an after match press conference? Read on….

CelebNSports247.com has the 411 via a youtube video of the press conference where Conor McGregor had a few things to say.

Floyd called up the Notorious one, Conor McGregor to speak on the fight. Conor starts off saying:

“It was a good fight. but I didn’t expect the game changers in the fight. “

He commended:

“Floyd Mayweather that he came to box and win.”

He felt that he did well in the beginning, but just couldn’t keep up with Mayweather’s masterful boxing technique that continued to change every round.

Conor says:

“I give much respect to Mayweather. it was a hell of a fight.”

He goes on to admit that the boxing game was a lot different from the MMA would. He admires Floyd’s style and frame shots he took. He felt Mayweather was strategic, composed, and skilled. McGregor says that Floyd knows how to hide himself well.


When asked about the MMA vs Boxing. He jokingly said the checks are alright, but now he’s raised his MMA checks now, so don’t get it twisted. Conor says that the only thing that bothered his most was the disrespect to his skill set, though he knew he’d prove himself on August 26th.

He also said that he will continue to learn and study, though he will take a lot from his fight against Floyd Mayweather:

In the end, Mayweather won by KO Conor in the 10th round.

Trying to throw salt in her ex boyfriends win, Floyd Mayweather’s ex girlfriend Miss Jackson is claiming Conor McGregor intentionally threw the fight.

Now, we see why she’s an ex. What a HATER! She posted this on her social account:

What Conor McGregor Said About Fighting Mayweather