Cowboys Dak Prescott Soon To Be A $30-Million Man

Dak Prescot Soon To Be A $30-Million Man

Cowboys Dak Prescott will follow Carson Wentz’s lead and soon become a $30-million man and join the ranks of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL.

Continue on to get the latest on Cowboys Dak Prescott soon to be a $30-million man... reports that when it comes to their contract extensions, don’t be surprised if Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott get more money that Carson Wentz.

Cowboys Dak Prescott is the next QB to go into contract negotiations:

The bar for QB pay was raised April 16, when the Seahawks’ Russell Wilson became the highest-paid NFL player at any position. The Seattle QB earned an average annual salary of $35 million with $70 million of his four-year, $140 million deal guaranteed.

Now, the Cowboys will be justified if they pay more for Prescott than the Eagles paid for Carson Wentz. We previously reported that Carson Wentz signed a $128M 4-Year contract extension with the Eagles last month and now its Dak’s turn.

Ian Rapaport reports:

Dak Prescott sparkled as a rookie in leading the Cowboys to the NFC’s best record before a rough second season. But he has continued to show his strength. Basically, he got his groove back once the Cowboys gave him a go-to wide receiver in Amari Cooper.

Determining which QB has brought more value to his team early in his career is tricky. Prescott sparkled as a rookie in leading the Cowboys to the NFC’s best record before a rough second season. Wentz, who took typical rookie lumps, had an MVP-caliber season in Year 2 before he tore his ACL that December.

How will 4Dak stack up when the Cowboys offer him his contract extension?

Quarterback W-L TDs* INTs GWDs** YPA Rating:

  • Russell Wilson 36-12 84 26 12 7.9 103.2
  • Dak Prescott 32-16 75 25 14 7.4 96.0
  • Carson Wentz 23-17 72 28 4 7.0 92.5

If you ask us, Dak Prescott should land somewhere in the middle of Wilson and Wentz extension deals, which means we are guess somewhere around $135 million.

We will keep you posted…

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