Cowboys Fans Want Tony Roma Back + Dak Prescott Benched

Cowboys Want Tony Roma Back + Dak Prescott Benched

Ouch, poor Dak Prescott is not having a good third year with the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is receiving major haterism from Dallas fans and it appears they want Tony Romo back. Read on to see what they’ve started…

Cowboys Want Tony Roma Back + Dak Prescott reports that Dallas Cowboys fans want Dak Prescott benched and Tony Romo back on the team as the starting quarterback.

The Dallas Cowboys have the 6th-best rushing offense in the NFL, but their overall offense ranks 26th due to the No. 30 passing offense. That is a problem.

During Sunday Night Football, head coach Jason Garrett elected to punt the ball in overtime while the team faced a 4th-and-1.  The decision would prove costly as the Texans marched down the field to hit a game-winning field goal.

The Cowboys defense is allowing only 19.2 ppg through the first five weeks, but the offense can only muster up 16.6 ppg, which leaves them with a 2-3 record in the NFC East. – TotalProSports

Now, a Cowboys fan has come up with a solution which we all know will NOT work. The fan is suggesting to fix the offense, and bring back Tony Romo.

The Dallas Cowboys fan created a petition to be sent to owner Jerry Jones to bring the retired Cowboys QB out of retirement to save their season.

The petition reads:

The problem that I am looking to solve is the Dallas offense. Let’s get Tony Romo back on the Cowboys roster so that we can open up the playbook again

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