Daniel Boobie Gibson Allegedly Exposed By Male Lover

Daniel Boobie Gibson Allegedly Exposed By Male Lover

The last we heard about Former Cavaliers player Daniel Boobie Gibson was that he was leaving NBA for a rap career. Then today we hear Daniel Boobie Gibson Exposed By Male Lover?!?

Could this be true? Was Keyshia Cole married to a man on the low all this time? Flip and get the tea on Daniel Boobie Gibson…

Daniel Boobie Gibson Allegedly Exposed By Male Lover

CelebNSports247.com is hearing a rumor that Daniel Boobie Gibson has allegedly been in a relationship with another man since he split from Keyshia Cole.

Now that man, is tired of keeping their alleged relationship on the low, so he has taken it upon himself to EXPOSE and OUT Daniel Boobie Gibson!

This is so wrong if this guy is actually doing this to Daniel Boobie Gibson. True or NOT this guy is out of place. Why do gay men feel they NEED to out their partner if he is in the closet. If you don’t like the situation then leave!

Daniel Boobie Gibson Tea being spilled:

Keyshia Cole‘s ex husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson may have been exposed for being in a relationship with a popular celebrity hair-stylist named Jaylon Aaron.

Fameolous posted this photo of Boobie, which was allegedly snaps taken by his male lover:

Daniel Boobie Gibson Allegedly Exposed By Male Lover

We’ve’ learned that the whole thing was bogus!

We got word from PopGlitz that after the reveal, the whole thing was a sham. There was a video of Boobie using his friend’s Snapchat, revealed that they’re simply having fun, and there is even a woman involved.

Sorry guys, Boobie is straight!

But in case you need to see Boobie acting up here he is acting like a THOT. Boobie writes:

“In traffic out here being a thot, with my titties out. ? .. wishing everybody this reach a blessed Friday Jr. & an even better weekend”

Daniel and Keyshia were married in 2011 but divorced in 2014. The former couple share a son named Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr. together.

In March of this year, he announced his retirement from basketball to focus on his rap career after being a part of the Cleveland Cavaliers after spending 7 years with them.