David Ortiz NOT Target Sixto David Fernandez Was

David Ortiz NOT Target Sixto David Fernandez Was

According to reports David Ortiz was the unlucky victim of a bullet intended for someone else.

Continue on as we have learned that the gunman who shot David Ortiz in the Dominican Republic earlier this month DID NOT mean to target Big Papi

David Ortiz NOT Target Sixto David Fernandez Was

David Ortiz NOT Target Sixto David Fernandez Was

CelebNSports247.com reports that officials say Sixto David Fernandez was the target of the attack because Victor Hugo Gómez believed Sixto “ratted him out” to police years ago.

Now D.R. officials say it was David Ortiz’s FRIEND they wanted to kill.

HEre is what we have learned:

D.R. police and prosecutors just announced Sixto David Fernandez.

Word is, Sixto was allegedly sitting near Ortiz at Dial Bar and Lounge in Santo Domingo on June 9, but the gunman was confused by the clothing Ortiz was wearing and fired on him instead of Fernandez.

Unfortunately, the gunman who shot Big Papi from point-blank range in the back.

A cell phone image taken of Sixto by one of the alleged accomplices in the crime was allegedly used to identify Sixto for the hit. Officials say the gunman mistook white items near Sixto as white pants (Ortiz was wearing white pants that night) … and that’s where the confusion all began.

In addition, officials say they were able to confirm all this because they were able to obtain the picture that was circulated amongst the alleged criminals. D.R. officials also say a man named Victor Hugo Gómez, 43, is the one who ordered the hit. Gomez is wanted in the United States after being caught in a major federal drug bust.

25-year-old Rolfi Ferreira Cruz admitted to being the man behind the gun from his D.R. jail cell last week Ortiz was NOT his intended target.

Regardless, they still plan to pursue serious criminal charges against all of the alleged suspects.  We’re trying to gather information on who Fernandez is and what he does for a living. All we know so far is that cops say he’s buddies with Ortiz

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