David Ortiz Gruesome Shooting in Dominican Republic Caught on Video

David Ortiz Gruesome Shooting in Dominican Republic Caught on Video

Boston Red Socks Legend David Ortiz is currently in the hospital and his status at this time is unknown.

However, footage of the shooting at the Dial Bar and Lounge in Santo Domingo has revealed how it all went down.  Continue on to watch as an unknowing David Otiz gets shot in the back from a man who walked up behind him. Watch the David Ortiz Gruesome Shooting video on the flip…

CelebNSports247.com has learned that Ortiz’s assistant, Leo Lopez, says David suffered damage to multiple internal organs.

We previously reported that Boston Red Socks Legend David Otiz was shot in the back. Now, Ortiz assistant, Leo Lopez release a statement on his condition to ESPN.

Lopez said:

David Ortiz had to remove parts of the intestines and the colon and remove the gallbladder. His liver was damaged, too.

TMZ reports that cops say there are TWO suspects in the shooting, both young men rolled up to the scene on the same motorcycle. After they shot Big Papi, they tried to flee the scene of the crime getting on the back of a bike and drive off.

The bike fell down so they tried to make a run for it. That is when a crowd of people subdued the suspect after the shooting and beat the hell out of him, leaving him bloodied and desperate for medical attention.

When cops arrived, they were able to take him into custody and get him medical treatment.

The first suspect, Eddy Vladimir Feliz Garcia, was subdued by people at the scene.

The second suspect did escape on foot. Cops have not released the name of the 2nd suspect. They are currently searching for him.

Earlier this morning, TMZ Sports talked to a spokesperson for the Dominican National Police who told us the suspect is in custody and awaiting charges.

Story developing…

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