David Price Walks Out Of Awkward Interview

David Price Walks Out Of Awkward Interview

Things got really awkward during a Q&A with Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price who walked out of an interview when things just got too awkward for him.

Continue on to watch how it all played out between David Price and a Boston journalist who got egg in the face…

David Price Walks Out Of Awkward InterviewCelebNSports247.com has this report on David Price who walked out of an awkward interview after being questioned about his love of ‘Fortnite.’

NESN.com reports:

The Boston Red Sox pitcher, fairly or not, has been criticized for his love of “Fortnite,” the immensely popular battle royale video game. Price has responded with some unapologetic trolling, including recently joking he would play the game in an effort to avoid pitching in the upcoming Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

It only takes Price a couple seconds before he makes a move to exit stage right sarcastically saying:

I don’t think I’ll be able to go.

David and son Xavier had a daddy-son day in Boston:

Despite the awkward interview fiasco, David has moved on, because of the proud daddy to his son Xavier to family day at Fenway Park in Boston.

He writes:

X’s second family day (he slept through his first one) was a success!

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