DeMarcus Cousins Held Back From Attacking Kevin Durant

DeMarcus Cousins Held Back From Attacking Kevin Durant


Earlier this week, Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins were on the court having a d-ck measuring contest to see who was the tougher player.

Things kept escalating since Kevin Durant kept getting up in DeMarcus Cousins face, and before anyone knew, they were in each others face. Luckily nothing physical popped off. Read on…

DeMarcus Cousins Held Back From Attacking Kevin Durant has the latest on what went down between Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant and New Orleans Pelicans DeMarcus Cousins.

It was just a matter of time before everyone weighed in on the feud. Sports Degens posted this tweet, along with a video of the testosterone infused fight.

“If Kevin Durant knew what was good for him, he’d want no part of DeMarcus Cousins.”

Here is what happened next:

Cousins didn’t get the memo that this was just a barking fight, because when he got into the back, he made a B-line straight for Kevin Durant. Cousins was ready to put hands on him, but it ended up with Cousins being restrained by security.

NBA TV States:

“We grown men, we don’t wanna get into nothing.”

Warriors talk reports:

“Apparently after Demarcus Cousins and Kevin Durant were ejected after barking at each other during the GSW/NOP game Boogie stormed down the hallway near the locker rooms in search of KD and had to be restrained.”

DeMarcus Cousins Held Back From Attacking Kevin Durant

What Durant doesn’t seem to get is that he may have started it, but Cousins was surely going to finish it with fist to face. Luckily security stopped DeMarcus while KD ran off into the locker-room.


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