DeMarcus Cousins SLAMS Raptors Fans Cheering for KD’s Injury

DeMarcus Cousins SLAMS Raptors Fans For Cheering KD’s Injury

It was really an ugly site in Toronto was too see Raptors fans cheering that Kevin Durant suffered yet another injury during Game 5 of the NBA finals.

These days sports fans are heartless as they forget the drive and ambition it takes to be an athlete because that is why someone like Kevin Durant is on the court sacrificing his health to help his team win. This is also why sports fans are sitting back drinking beers and paying top dollar while the feed their bellies.

No offense to sports fans but everyone NEEDS to remember all these men playing in the NBA finals worked hard to get there and they are living out their dreams as a pro-basketball player. That is why Golden State Warriors DeMarcus Cousins SLAMS Raptors Fans For Cheering KD’s Injury. Read on… reports that DeMarcus Cousins was disgusted by Toronto Raptors fans because to us it shows bad sportsmanship despite being a player or superfan. Fans NEED to respect the players and the sport, that is what makes it enjoyable.

Toronto Raptors fans did end up cheering for Warriors KD as he walked off the court, but that didn’t stop Warriors players like Steph Curry sounding off on Raptors fans.

What it did do is encourage DeMarcus Cousins to sound off and give Raptors fans a few words on how disrespectful that was.

Drake proved that he is unlike Raptors fans by sending prayers to his friend Kevin following his injury during game 5.

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